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Are you looking for a car to rent in Botosani ? RentaCar4 offers you the best car rental services in Botosani at good prices.  Our rental fleet available in Botosani can be filtered to find the desired car to hire in Botosani! . In this fall RentaCar4 offers you rental services at  special prices.


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30€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Ford Fiesta Botosani
23€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Volkswagen GOLF Botosani
38€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Ford Focus Botosani
35€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Skoda Tour WAGON Botosani
24€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Dacia Sandero Botosani
SUV > Mazda > CX7
58€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Mazda CX7 Botosani
Medium > Mazda > 6
45€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Mazda 6 Botosani
20€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Dacia Logan 1,6 Botosani
48€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Volkswagen Passat Botosani
40€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire BMW Seria 1 Botosani
17€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Dacia Logan 1,5 dci Botosani
32€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Skoda Superb Botosani
25€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Skoda Fabia Botosani
SUV > Ford > Kuga
62€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Ford Kuga Botosani
47€ /day
All taxes included
Rent / hire Ford Mondeo Botosani

Did you find the right car for rent in our car hire fleet  which is periodically updated with new cars to ensure you  safe and pleasant driving experience in Botosani ?  When you book a rental   car in  Botosani with RentaCar4, you can be sure you’ll get the best quality services and new vehicles in Botosani. If you are looking for a professional car rental services  and cheap prices to rent a vehicle in Botosani,  RentaCar4  offers you  cars hire services  with full insurance and delivery to all airports in Romania.

You can also see our rental servicesspecial rent a car offers and  the best car rental discounts in Botosani  that are suitable to your needs. RentaCar4  Rent A Car Botosani  offers more than 28 locations in the most important cities and airports in Romania. Choose  car rental locations in the major cities in Romania  from the list above and search in all locations the car for rent in Botosani . If you decide to  rent a car in Botosani or in the other cities you can choose from our  rental car classes withch include small class,  economy class, medium class,   full-size class ,  luxury ,  SUV   convertibles with automatic or manual gearbox.

car hire in Botosani   is a great way to get around, we have all  your car rental models you may want. Our car rental Romania   booking fleet  includes from the economical car  up to the  the full size or the luxury car model. No matter if you are in an unfamiliar place beacause you can always  add a  GPS unit to your  car rental. Rent a car or other car / SUV now in Bucharest, Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Brasov, Pitesti , Bucharest  Henri Coanda Airport, Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Sibiu, Arad, Bacau, Bacau Airport, Botosani, Cluj Napoca, Cluj Napoca Airport, Constanta, Constanta Airport, Craiova, Craiova Airport, Deva, Focsani, Galati, Iasi, Iasi Airport, Oradea, Piatra Neamt, Ploiesti, Resita, Roman, Suceava, Suceava Airport,Sibiu Airport, Targu Mures, Targu Mures Airport, Timisoara and Timisoara Airport  with RentaCar4 Cars Rental.

Long term car rental in Botosani?  You are  to the right place beacause  long term rental means bigger savings.  RentaCar4  offers you special low rates for rentals of 30 days or more.

You can choose your vehicle model from our popular brands Dacia, Volvo, Toyota, Ford, Skoda, Volkswagen, Opel, Peugeot .

If you want more information regarding our car rental service in  Botosani  you can contact us.